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Do you realize the importance of a title when you are out shopping for a used vehicle? When you have arrived at the decision to purchase a used car, then you have to watch out for the title of the vehicle. The importance of the title in case of used cars can never be undermined because this is the legal document which establishes proof of ownership.

Significance of Title

The details included on the title are the vehicle identification number of the car, the state of ownership and other relevant information. It is true that you will come to know a lot about the history of the vehicle through the status of the title. If the claim is clean, then that implies that the car has not been involved in any major accident. Choose from the largest selection of used cars through the website of EZ Auto Auction.

Various Concepts

You may also have come across rebuilt title or salvage title on several occasions. A salvage title is one in which the vehicle has been involved in a major accident. Going by the extent of the damage the insurance company has declared the vehicle as a total loss. In some instances, a car in possession of a salvage title is issued a rebuilt title because repair work conducted on it has made it road worthy.

Avail of the Best Help

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